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When Hannah Campbell turned to us to help her raise her profile and that of her charitable work, we were only too delighted to help.

Our team has written the biography of her life: Hannah Campbell: Never Broken and secured a major publicity campaign around it, including TV appearances on ITV This Morning, BBC2's Victoria Derbyshire Show, BBC News, ITN Channel Five, Radio Five Live, Radio Four, British Forces TV as well as local and digital media.

The book, written by the Press People team, and published by John Blake widens the lucrative business and PR opportunities we can now offer our clients, who wish to write or capitalise on their life story.

In addition, we have secured for Hannah promotional work, a string of high profile digital and national newspaper articles, three documentary programmes as well as placing her as an expert speaker on military issues in multi platform news outlets.

If you'd like to discuss such opportunities with our team, then drop us an email at or give our team a call for an informal chat.



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