Major Charity Campaign Secured For Former Soldier

 We're delighted to announce that Corporal Hannah Campbell is to be the face of a major charity campaign launching this Autumn.

It came the day after our hard-hitting coverage in The Mail Online, Mirror Online and Sunday People, about her 10 year battle with PTSD after she was blown up in a mortar bomb attack.

She starts filming this week for the campaign, which is a closely guarded secret until it's launch in October, when we'll be able to share the details.

Hannah said: "The team at Press People have helped me to achieve my goal of raising awareness of the devastating effects of PTSD. I'd recommend them to anyone."

So far Press People have secured three documentaries, two charitable campaigns, a series, lucrative book deal and a series of high profile newspaper, digital, TV and magazine appearances.

If you need to raise your profile, give our team a call or drop us an email at We love to chat!

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