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Burns soldier finds love

He's the 18 year old soldier who became a symbol of the horror of the war in Iraq. Images of Private Karl Hinett were beamed around the world as he scrambled burning alive from his petrol-bombed tank with flames leaping from all over his body. There seemed little hope the young soldier could possi...

26 Nov 2012 by Sarah

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Get global coverage

Surrogate mum to be Carole Horlock revealed her amazing story to Australia's biggest breakfast show Weekend Sunrise tonight. In a live link from the BBC studios in Chelmsford, Essex, she spoke live to Sydney, Australia to reveal her joy at her 13th  - and final - surrogate pregnancy. Caro...

23 Nov 2012 by Sarah

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Get on the Lorraine show

  Surrogate mum Carole Horlock appeared on today's Lorraine show on ITV as part of her multi magazine, newspaper and TV deal arranged by The Press People. Carole wanted to reach a TV audience to speak about the positives of surrogacy and so our team arranged for her to appear on the sofa with...

20 Nov 2012 by Sarah

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