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When Benita Cutter found herself at the centre of a media storm, she turned to The Press People for help. Conned by a bogus surrogate, Benita found herself at the centre of huge media interest when she bravely testified to get the surrogate convicted. We helped her to navigate the media, so she co...

20 Jun 2016 by Sarah

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 When Peter Hatfield suffered a silent heart attack that blew a hole in his heart, there seemed little chance he could survive. But when a transplant donor was found, it enabled Peter to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.  His gratitude meant he now devotes his spare ti...

9 May 2016 by Sarah

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Get your business positive media

When we heard about a medical innovation that is transforming the treatment of hospital patients, we knew we could make it hit the headlines. Surgihoney - a British innovation where honey is processed in order to make it suitable for use on patients, is saving lives in the UK and remote areas aroun...

25 Apr 2016 by Sarah

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